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18 th AHML International Conference on Homeopathy / TCM, Malaysia 2009

ICAOM International Committee Members 2009

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Prof Dr Nik Omar, Chairman ICAOCM 2009

Welcome to
18 th AHML  International & 28th National Conference on Homeopathy, & Complementary Medicine - ICAHCM Malaysia 2009
4 th & 5th October 2009  at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
International Committee Members of ICAOCM 2009
Chairman:   Prof Dr Nik Omar  - Malaysia
Deputy :     Prof Dr Mohd Nasir Zain
Secretary:  Dr Nik Fairuz Hakim
Trearurer :  Lee Kwang Ming

International Committee of ICHCM Malaysia 2009

  • Dr Kelvint Lam Kin Theng - Brazil
  • Prof dr Chandhok Punjab, India
  • Dr Zubeir Khalid Masood Qureshi
  • Dr M. F. Hassan - Bangladesh
  • Dr Jasmine Fons Moh - Canada
  • Dr Eugenio Caliguiri - Italy
  • Prof Dr Arjun Lal Agrawal - India
  • Dr Yousef Yecoub Aba Hassan - Yemen.
  • Dr David John Hunt - Ireland
  • Dr Shamin Akhtar - United Kingdom
  • Dr David Langel - Australia
  • Dr Mohammed Al-Hedi Al Mitri - Tunisia
  • Dr Takizawa Kunio - Japan
  • Dr Faiq Astonie - Kudus, Indonesia.

Malaysia Committee ICACOM 2009

  • Dr Nik Omar ( Chairman), Dr Jamal Naseer , Mr Lim Ming, Dr H.H. Chan, Mr Mohan Chand, Dr Mohd Nasir Zain, Dr Amin Mat Zin, Dr Roger Sarawak, Dr Nicolas Ibau, Miri, Dr zahari Ahmad Zaharani
  • Mr Nik Badrul Hakim, Nik Lukman Hakim, Dr Mohd Izham, Dr Nursaidatul Syafiza, Dr Faridah A Hamat, Dr Rosli Dungun, Dr Yusoff  Sidek Kuantan, Dr Yusoff Said, Dr Mohd hairuddin Hamid, Dr Zuharni Abd Ghani, Dr Zainun Othman, Dr Alaniah Zain
  • Tsai Hsing Wen, Alvin Gunn, Dr Chan Yew Kuan, Geraldine, Miss Sofea Wong, Lee seng Kok, Dr Magdelene Bong Moei Lian, Ganapathy Sengodan, Ramakrishnan Kujambu, Dr Nik Fairuz Hakim, Dr Muhammad Ali Hamzah


18th AHML Committee Meeting 14 June 2009
ICHCM Secretariat at 118 Jalan Raja laut, Kuala Lumpur


The favorite bike use by Dr Nik Omar ,Harley Davidson Softtail Custom- King of the Road. Dr Nik have been riding for last 30 yrs
Confirmed / Registered Delegates
In January 40 members has confirmed to participate in this Conference 2009
 They are:
Dr Ahmad Mahmoodian, Iran, Dr Seresh Kumar ( India)., Dr Kamal Amad ( Pakistan) , Dr Mohamed Kocabas Saudi Arabia, Dr Tuofik Seghat Morocco, Dr A. Shekih South Africa, Dr Park Jon Min Korea.
If you still not register, please do so as soon as possible
All registration must go to
Malaysian Delegates
So far 30 members from Malaysia already registered.
 We are expecting more registration coming in Febuary, March and April 2009
All of you are welcome.

Our E Mail:

Conference Venue:
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
4 & 5th October, 2009

Info On Acupuncture Malaysia

Homeopathy Malaysia

Homeopathic News

Acupuncture Activities in Malaysia

Asian Homeopathic Medical league - AHML

M-F 3:30
International Conference on  Homeopathy & Complementary Medicine Malaysia 2009

Members of AHML International Committee
The Asian Homeopathic Medical League -AHML 2008-2010

 International Committee of

Asian Homeopathic Medical League 2008-2010

  • President: Prof Dr Griendra Pal ( India)
  • Secretary General: Prof Dr A.K. Seth ( India)
  • Secretary Adminstration - Dr S. Kaila
  • Treasurer : Dr Mohd Qassim ( India)
  • Secretary Education :Dr Alook Pareek ( India )
  • Secretary Research : Dr Abdur Rehman ( Pakistan )
  • Secretary Public Relation: Dr Nasir Ahmad Ch ( Pakistan)
  • Secretary Adminstration: Dr Sandeep Kaila ( India )

National Vice President

  • Prof Dr Nik Omar ( Malaysia )
  • Dr Sh Azhar Intsar ( Pakistan)
  • Dr Dilip Roy ( Bangladesh )
  • Dr Martyn Harper ( Australia )
  • Dr Girish Gupta ( India )
  • Dr Kamal Sharma ( Fiji)
  • Dr B.M. Gqwede ( South Africa )
  • Dr A.U. Wardak ( Afghanistan )
  • Dr Mohamet Kocabas ( Saudi Arabia)
  • Dr Yasimin Latiff ( Sri Lanka )
  • Dr Faiq Astonie ( Indonesia)
  • Dr Haji Saud Yahya ( Brunei )
  • Dr Ab Kadir ( Acting for Singapore)
  • Dr Al-Mitri ( Acting for Tunisia )
  • Dr Umesh D ( Kuwait )

Countries Which Has Not Yet Appointed NVP

  • Thailand , Maldvies, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Turkey, Mongolia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Maldive, Phillipine, Iran





T-F 10:30
Malaysia the beauty of Asia

To all participants / Delegates

Please book early for reservation.

M-W 11:30

We would love to hear you
Waiting You In Malaysia, please bring your family along.

Our Headquaters
Malaysian Homeopathic Practitioners Association
No.122 Taman University,Meranti, 17010 Pasir Mas, Kelantan,
Tel: 019-9401915, 09-7440440, 09-7976948
Prof Dr Nik Omar Mobile No: 019-9401915
Prof Mohd Nasir - Secretary 012-9218828
Registrar Nik Fairuz 017-98443949
Our Kuala Lumpur HQ
Nik Omar Homeopathic Medical Center
No. 118,  Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur
[ 10 minutes walk from PWTC Pura World Trade Centre, or The Mall, Homr Leong Bank or City Hote ]
Tel: 019 940 1915
For More Infomation , please visit our master web
All queries, kindly contact our e mail
Conference Venue:
International Convention Centre
First World Hotel
Genting Highland Resort
Kuala Lumpur

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