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18 th AHML International Conference on Homeopathy / TCM, Malaysia 2009

Working Papers

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Working Papers:
Those who wish to present papers at this International Conference  are Welcome.
All papers must be submitted to us before 30th July, 2009
Here we'll list events and activities scheduled for the ICHCM Malaysia 4 & 5 th October 2009.  We'll update this page frequently, so check back often to stay up to date.
Register & Check in Hotel:
Kuala Lumpur
3rd October 2009 after 3.00 pm

3rd October 2009 ( Saturday)
Conference Venue: International Convention Centre,
GENTING HIGHLAND , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

October , 4th , 2009 ( Sunday)
9:30 amWelcome speech by Prof Dr Nik Omar,
                Ichcm chairman 
                Opening ceremony
                By Honorable Secretary General
                   The Asian Homeopathic Medical League

10.30 am - Tea breaks

11.15 am - Working Papers
              1. Reconstruction of water Molecules in Homeopathic
                      Potencies and their Effect on Protein Molecules by Dr
                      Anirban Sukul, India
                 3.  Evidence Based Pilot Study on The Role of
                      Homeopathic Drugs in Cases of Kidney Stones by 
                      Dr Girish Gupta                     
              4. The Logic Understanding Homeopathy /
                       Complementary Medical practice by Dr Al Mitri
                   5. Jabat Urut by Dr Din singapore
                   6. Autism & Homeopathy treatment by Dr Sundradas
1.00       -  Lunch First World Cafe Level 3
2.30 pm
  •  Homoeopathy During pregnancy by Dr Abhay Talwalkar
  • Dr Daryani Paper
  • Dr S T Hussain - Comparative Study of Rubric Rudeness
  • Prof Dr C. Nayak, director general, Central Council For Research InHomeopathy, Govt of India.
3.00 pm  -  Effect of Homeopathic Mother Tincture Amygdalus
                Persica Folium & Murraya Koenih11 on Diabetes Type
                11 by Dr M. Zubeir Qureshi Pakistan.

3.30 pm  -  Diabetic Ulcers - Their Homeopathic Cure &
                    Management by Dr C. Weerasekera, Sri Lanka
              - Theory and Practice of Homeopathy In Agroculture
                 by Dr H.U. Gangar, CIRCT, Indian Council of Agriculture 
             - General Assembly Meeting of AHML for Year 2009
5.00 pm  -  Discussion Tea Breaks
                Free & Easy - Play Roller Coaster
                Own Dinner

October 5 th , 2009 ( Monday )
9.30 am -  Session 1 start
                 - Homeopathic & Steroid - By Dr Baksi from Bakson, India
                  - Biological Tumours, fibroids & Cycsts Treated by
                          Homeopathic treatment by Dr Nik Omar, Malaysia 
             -  The Newly Proved Remedies in Homeopathy -
                     Scientific Classicfication,  Source, Parts Used,
                      Habitat, Totality and clinical Condidtion by Dr
                       Jawahar Shah, India
                - Role of Homeopathic In Modern medicine by Dr
                  Mohamed Kocabas, Saudi Arabia
  •    Prevention Of Congenital And Hereditary Defects through
  •    Homoeopathy by Dr Rekha Srinivan
  •    Homeopathy - Still A myth or A Key To The Future of   Medcine   by Megha Jain
10.30 am   -  Tea Breaks
10.45      -   Free Subjects
                  Efficacy of Homeopathy in The Treatment of Ovarian Cycsts
                        by Dr Rajesh Gupta & Dr Sapna Gupta
11.00       - Verterinary Homeopathy & TCM, New Potentials of
                      Alternative Medicine
                    - Developing and Demonstrating Effectiveness of
                       Homeopathy  and Alternative Medicine In Animal 
                       Health by Dr Surjit S Makker
11.15       - Advanced Homeopathy Protocol of Treatment by Dr Kurshal Benerjee
11.45       -  Case Record Miracle Cure - Case History of
                      Polycythemia by  Homeopathy                                  
                      By Dr Selvanayagam  Vijayanayagam, Sri Lanka
1.00         Lunch provided
2.30 pm  -  1. Acupuncture Effect on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A
                        Brain Mapping Study using FMRI by Dr Ali Zailaa, 
                        Australia University
               2. Study various Types of Arthritis & Homeopathic
                        treatment by Sudhansu Sekhar Moharana
                   -  Diabetes Mellitus _ Mental States & Its Role
                       by Dr Amit M Nimbhorkar
              3. Development of Repertories And  Software
                        application in  Homoeopathy   by Dr Rita & Dr Pranab
* Time ,Topic & Paper Presentation subject to change during the conference.
   Kindly contact our MC Dr S Kaila or Dr A K Seth - Incharge of Scientific papers
   during the conference.
**More papers are still coming.
Next 19th AHML at Sri Lanka / India/ Pakistan year 2010

Welcome to  Malaysia
18th Asian Homeopathic Medical League &
28 th National Conference on Homeopathy & 
Complementary Medicine
4 th-5 th October 2009 at
Genting Highland Resort, Kuala Lumpur,

All program subject to change

Prospective members of our International Community in Alternative  / Complementary Medicine  are welcome to learn more about us by attending this prestigious  event
Jumpa Anda Di Malaysia
See You at Malaysia

Our Headquaters
Malaysian Homeopathic Practitioners Association
No.122 Taman University,Meranti, 17010 Pasir Mas, Kelantan,
Tel: 019-9401915, 09-7440440, 09-7976948
Prof Dr Nik Omar Mobile No: 019-9401915
Prof Mohd Nasir - Secretary 012-9218828
Registrar Nik Fairuz 017-98443949
Our Kuala Lumpur HQ
Nik Omar Homeopathic Medical Center
No. 118,  Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur
[ 10 minutes walk from PWTC Pura World Trade Centre, or The Mall, Homr Leong Bank or City Hote ]
Tel: 019 940 1915
For More Infomation , please visit our master web
All queries, kindly contact our e mail
Conference Venue:
International Convention Centre
First World Hotel
Genting Highland Resort
Kuala Lumpur

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