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Gallery of Photos

Here are some pictures of our guests enjoying their adventure vacations.

Nik & Son Nik Badrul
at Penang Ride 2006

A lovely canoe ride down the river.

Harley Davidson

Dr Nik Omar
With His Softail Custom


Finding a spot for lunch.

Majlis berbuka Puasa HOG Malaysia
pada 12 Sept 2009 di Kuala Lumpur

Member of HOG Malaysia
Majlis Berbuka Puasa 12 Sept 2009 di KL

Our friend Luuezz
With Harley Davidson Road King

People remember their first Harley-Davidson. The first time they see one, the first time they hear one, the first time they ride one. They get to you like that. Harley look different, sound different, and certainly ride different to other motorcycles. Their extraordinary appeal makes small boys dream and grown men secured.
Harley davidson has been making motorcycles for 100 years. The company that started as four young men hand-building simple machines in a wooden shed is now one of the world's most famoous brands.

Our friend Anne
With Fat Boy

She is one of the many lady rider of Harley Davidson Fat Boy

Electra Glide

45 Ahli Harley Davidson Malaysia Dan famili
Di Majlis Berbuka Puasa di Kuala Lumpur 2009

Menu Berbuka Puasa Yang Menyelerakan
Orang Kuat Harley Malaysia Sedang inspect makanan , Katanya" Ok Makanan Passss!"

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